Program of IWAR'98

Sunday, November 1, 1998

7:30 -- 8:00     Registration

8:00 -- 8:15     Opening Remarks

8:15 -- 9:35 Session 1

Applications of Augmented Reality - Full Papers

Case Studies of See-Through Augmentation in Mixed Reality Projects

Kiyohide Satoh, Toshikazu Ohshima, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, and Hideyuki Tamura.
Mixed Reality Systems Laboratory Inc.

Computer-Vision-Enabled Ophthalmic Augmented Reality: A PC-based Prototype

Jeffrey Berger and David Shin.
University of Pennsylvania

Augmented Reality for Construction Tasks: Doorlock Assembly

Dirk Reiners, Didier Stricker, Gudrun Klinker, and Stefan Müller.
Fraunhofer IGD

Several Devils in the Details: Making an AR App Work in the Airplane Factory

Dan Curtis, David Mizell, Peter Gruenbaum, and Adam Janin.

9:35 -- 9:50 Break

9:50 -- 11:50 Session 2

AR Applications and Novel User Interface Paradigms - Position Statements and Discussion

Spatially Augmented Reality

Ramesh Raskar, Greg Walsh, and Henry Fuchs.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Augmented Realities Integrating User and Physical Models

Thad Starner, Bernt Schiele, Bradley J. Rhodes, Tony Jebara, Nuria Oliver, Joshua Weaver, and Alex Pentland.
MIT Media Lab

Designing Interactive Paper: Lessons from three Augmented Reality Projects

Wendy Mackay and Anne-Laure Fayard.
Université de Paris-Sud

AREAS: Augmented Reality for Evaluating Assembly Sequences

Jose Molineros, Vijaimukund Raghavan, and Rajeev Sharma.
Pennsylvania State University

Integrating Augmented Reality & Telepresence for Telerobotics in Hostile Environments

John Pretlove and Shaun Lawson.
University of Surrey

11:50 -- 13:00 Lunch Break

13:00 -- 14:20 Session 3

Registration Through Computer Vision

Computer Vision Methods for Registration: Mixing 3D Knowledge and 2D Correspondences for Accurate Image Composition

Gilles Simon, V. Lepetit, and M.-O. Berger.

A Fast and Robust Line-Based Optical Tracker for Augmented Reality Applications

Didier Stricker, Gudrun Klinker, and Dirk Reiners.
Fraunhofer IGD

A Multi-ring Color Fiducial System and A Rule-Based Detection Method for Scalable Fiducial-Tracking Augmented Reality

Youngkwan Cho, Jong Weon Lee, and Ulrich Neumann.
University of Southern California

Fusion of Data from Head-Mounted and Fixed Sensors

William Hoff.
Colorado School of Mines

14:20 -- 14:35 Break

14:35 -- 17:00 Session 4

Registration for AR - Position Statements and Discussion

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Calibration

Jim Vallino.
Rochester Institute of Technology

Visual Servoing-Based Augmented Reality

Ventakaraman Sundareswaran and Reinhold Behringer.
Rockwell Science Center

Constrained Self-Calibration for Augmented Reality Registration

Jeffrey Mendelsohn, Kostas Daniilidis, and Ruzena Bajcsy.
University of Pennsylvania

Natural Feature Tracking for Extendible Robust Augmented Realities

Jun Park, Suya You, and Ulrich Neumann.
University of Southern California

Making Augmented Reality Work Outdoors Requires Hybrid Tracking

Ronald Azuma, Bruce Hoff, Howard Neely III, Ronald Sarfaty, Michael Daily, Gary Bishop, Vern Chi, Greg Welch, Ulrich Neumann, Suya You, Rich Nichols, and Jim Cannon.
HRL Laboratories, UNC, USC, Raytheon

Improving the Registration Precision by Visual Horizon Silhouette Matching

Reinhold Behringer.
Rockwell Science Center

17:00 -- 19:00 Reception together with UIST

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