Publishing Guidelines for IWAR Papers


This is the preferable text system. Use the standard style article.sty, single column, 10pt text font.
If an author uses macros for special expressions in the text, their definition must be included with the file.

If you use a non-LaTeX word processor (e.g., Word), prepare the paper according to the following specification below. If possible, use Times New Roman font, 10pt.
Non-LaTeX submissions will be converted to ASCII by the publisher, who will deal with formatting the paper for the printing process. Therefore, you do not need to fine-tune the format of your paper extensively.

The paper must be available in electronic form. LaTeX papers should be available as .tex-File, others preferably in Word format. Each paper submission must be accompanied by a printout for verification of the authors' inteded layout. For inclusion on a CD ROM, we also need a postscript file from each paper. Please verify, if the PS file can be read by a standard Ghostscript viewer!


Paper size: In LaTeX use \setlength{\textheight}{43pc} and \setlength{\textwidth}{27pc}.
In other word processors, set your text width to 4.5" (11.4 cm) and the text height to 7.1" (18.0 cm).

Margins: Leave margins at the printout: top margin: 1", left margin: 1".

Page Count: Full papers should not exceed 15 pages in length (including the bibliography). Position papers must not exceed 7 pages in length (including the bibliography).


Graphics should be submitted as separate encapsulated postscript files (.eps). Please ensure that the filenames are PC compatible, i.e. double extensions are not valid.
Please avoid using the LaTeX macro \psfrag, because problems have been reported in the past.
The final proceedings volume will be in b/w. If you have color pictures, please ensure that they maintain their readability in a b/w printout.

Paper Content

The papers will not undergo a proof-reading process. The authors have the full responsibility for spelling, grammar, and consistency.
Each submission should have a short abstract summarizing the main points of the paper.
We also would appreciate an extensive bibliography, which can go well beyond the scope of your paper.



Please prepare a single postscript file which contains all your text and graphics. If you have only a Word file, you may submit just this file; we can do the postscript conversion. The exact layout formatting for the CD ROM version is not crucial. However, it is important that we receive your file by October 15. Later submissions will not be on the CD ROM.

Please choose a unique filename for your file: start with the initials of your institution, followed by your last name. If the file is smaller than 6MB, you may email it to
Otherwise you may ftp it:
user: SUBMIT
password: IWAR

For the Proceedings:

The proceedings will include results of the discussion sessions. Therefore, they will not yet be available at the workshop. This gives you time to prepare the final camera-ready version of your submission until Nov.1. The proceedings will be sent to every workshop participants.
The submitted files should include:

You may email or ftp the files as described above.

Presentation at the Workshop

Full papers should be prepared for 15 minutes talk and 5 minutes q&a.
Position statements should be prepared for 5 minutes talk.
An overhead projector is available for showing transparency vugraphs. In addition, a LCD projector is available for presenting the talk from your laptop (XGA, 1024x768). Also, a multi-standard VCR is available for showing videos (NTSC and PAL/SECAM). Further, a 35 mm slide projector is available.

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