Scope of IWAR


In the past years, research in "Augmented Reality" (AR) has received increasing attention due to striking progress in many subfields (triggered by the advances in computer miniaturization, speed, and capabilities) and fascinating live demonstrations. AR, by its very nature, is a highly inter-disciplinary field, and AR researchers work in areas such as signal processing, computer vision, graphics, user interfaces, wearable computing, mobile computing, computer networks, distributed computing, information access, information visualization, and hardware design for new displays. Since in the past there has not been an event devoted solely to AR, AR topics were presented at related events in the context of "Virtual Reality", "Human-Computer Interaction", and "Wearables". This workshop is intended to fill this gap and provide a forum for researchers with different backgrounds who have been active in the area of AR, both in academia or industry. It will provide an opportunity where the international AR research community can meet in an informal atmosphere for an exchange of ideas, concepts, and results.

Goals and Scope:

This workshop provides an opportunity for the international AR community to get together and concentrate on topics of AR research and applications without the "overhead" of events where AR is only a related topic. It will trigger discussions among participants and provide an intensive exchange between academia and industry as well as between researchers working in the different AR research branches. If successful, this workshop will initiate an annual series.

Topics to be Discussed at the Workshop:

Both "AR enabling" and "AR utilizing" research and technology will be discussed at the workshop. The list of topics is:

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